Ten Ways to Update a Rental

If you’re renting, chances are your landlord won’t allow you to make any permanent changes to your home, but don’t let that stop you from making your rental feel like yours!  Here is a list of ten ways to give your rental a customized touch.

One of the first things we notice in apartments that usually needs to be updated is the lighting.  Overhead lighting can actually be pretty simple to change, and makes a world of difference.

Changing the way your walls look will probably make the most dramatic difference.  If you’re not allowed to paint them, consider tacking up wallpaper with pins or applying fabric.  Yes, you read that right, you are able to apply fabric to walls using a lightweight fabric, liquid starch, and a paint roller.  Or, you can even mount fabric up against your wall like it’s a great big curtain, as shown above.

Since we’re on the subject of walls, hanging up artwork or decorating your walls with decals is another great way to make your rental seem more homey.  For ideas on adding artwork to your walls, click here for some great tips!

Using modular furniture in your apartment or rental house is another great way to play with the space.  Depending on the size and shape of the room, you can move the furniture around to suit your needs, and the same furniture can still work in another set-up if you move.

So many apartments have unfortunate carpeting.  While that’s not something you can easily replace, simply buying a cool rug to cover it can make a huge difference.  You can even layer a few rugs for a boho, mismatched look!

Swapping hardware is a fantastic way to give your rental a more updated, high-end look.  Changing doorknobs and cabinet hardware can make a big difference, whether you go with a sleek, midcentury style, traditional cast-iron look, or feminine, decorative hardware.

It seems that apartments just about always come with those standard issue vinyl Venetian blinds or vertical blinds, neither of which are particularly chic.  If you can, replace them with something a little more design-oriented, such as roman shades or wooden shutter blinds.  If you can’t take them down, we suggest making them less noticeable by putting up some simple drapes in front of them instead.


If your rental is a loft-like space with lack of actual rooms, divide the area with bookcases or screens.  The lower photo above also shows a fun way to put in your own overhead lighting as well!

For more kitchen counter space, buy a high table or small industrial island.  It’s a great way to create more work areas in the kitchen, especially for those who love to cook!

Another simple, easy way to update your rental is by changing out the fixtures.  Buy a new toilet seat if the one that came with your apartment is sub-par, invest in a great showerhead, or make any other fixture fixes that will make your home feel a little more luxe.  With some items, your landlord may even reimburse you or split the cost!

What things do you want to update in your rental?

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