Marvelous Metallics

Putting a metallic element into your home is a great way to add some glitz and glamour!  Whether your choose to go all out with multiple metallic items and surfaces, or if you want to be more subtle and just insert a single piece, here are some great photos for inspiration and a few suggested items to make your interior absolutely dazzling!

Our mirrored cabinet is the perfect accent piece for a bedroom, living room, or anywhere you’d like a little storage on the stylish side.

A screen and some decorative artwork and accessories bring a touch of bling to this work space.

Between the nightstand, pillow, and wall, we love the metallic details in this stylish bedroom!

We think it’s great to do something really glamorous where you’d least expect it.

This dining area really went for the gold and turned out stunning!

This petite accent chest is a lovely addition to your home with its adorable design and subtle silver finish.

This is the most striking kitchen we’ve ever seen!

Just a few metallic items can make a big statement.

We love the nearly all-white interior with the one area that has a brilliant gold and floral pattern.

This beautiful jewelry armoire is a darling way to store your precious metals!

A gilded frame takes this bedroom furniture from good to gorgeous.

This metallic foyer shows us how incredibly elegant silver and gold are, especially together!

Do you have metallic accents in your home?

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Chic Children’s Rooms and Nurseries

We used to think of children’s rooms and nurseries as being cutesy rooms in shades of powdery pink or baby blue, but baby and kid’s rooms today proven otherwise.  With bright colors, glamorous accents, whimsical touches, sophisticated furniture, and inspiring patterns, these rooms make us wonder if maybe the kids have the most stylish rooms in the house!

We love the combination of the patterns on the rug and walls, and the unexpected color combination that surprisingly looks great and works well for either gender!

Rather than traditional pink, this warm coral and lavender color combination is feminine and sophisticated, and the elegant Murano chandelier gives it a touch of glam.

You might be doing a double-take looking at this one, but this is in fact a children’s den!  We love the contrast between the grown-up herringbone wood floors and dark walls with the orange and rainbow modern furniture and playful chandelier.

This room is so peaceful and stylish with the bright white palette with dark brown touches, vintage light, and eclectic accessories.  This adorable nursery would be perfect for a boy or a girl, and a lot of the items would work great in other rooms once it’s time to change the nursery into a more kid-friendly room.

We love the soft blue walls, fun patterned daybed, and cute green chair.  This room shows that blue definitely isn’t just for boys!

With the striped ceiling, modern mix of furniture, patterned hide rug and flokati hide, and contrasting black wall, this is one very hip kid’s room!

This darling room is perfect for an elegant little girl.  The light lavender is soft and pretty, but the pop of orange adds a fun and youthful element.

This has to be the most grown-up nursery we’ve seen, but it still looks like a fun, peaceful place for a baby.  This shows that you don’t have to buy all baby-specific items for a nursery for it to be an adorable room.

The multicolored striped walls in this playroom are so fun and add so much great energy!  The prints on the wall and comfortable white sofa coordinate perfectly.

How is your child’s bedroom or nursery decorated?

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Five Great Finds For Your Home


Since our economy has undoubtedly seen better days, many people are opting to buy furniture that will last them a long time, is affordable, and will work well with the rest of their furniture.  Here are some of our top picks for classic, stylish furniture that has a timeless look perfect for your home, starting with the Larissa Sofa above.  This sofa has a traditional style with rolled arms, bun legs, and neutral upholstery that’s easy to coordinate with and works well in both formal living rooms and more casual family rooms.



This upholstered cocktail table is a great compromise between a coffee table and ottoman.  Handy pull-out shelves allow for an extra place to set your drink, the bottom shelf is ideal for books and magazines, and the top is a fantastic spot to sit or rest your feet!


This accent chair is perfect for giving a room an item that’s a little more playful without being too loud.  The print of the chair is whimsical and stylish in colors that coordinate with many hues, and the smaller chair proportions make it perfect for placing in a bedroom, living room, or anywhere else you want an extra place to sit!

This reclaimed console table is a great piece for both behind a sofa or against a wall.  The look of the console is a mixture of modern, organic, and industrial influences, but it still looks in place with other more elegant pieces.

Rather than setting your TV in an oversize entertainment center, we love the idea of using this reclaimed cabinet to place it on.  If you don’t have a TV, this cabinet also works great in a front entryway to sit on and store items (shoes could fit in the middle and hats, gloves, and scarves could go in the sides).

What’s your favorite piece of furniture you can’t let go of?

Ten Ways to Update a Rental

If you’re renting, chances are your landlord won’t allow you to make any permanent changes to your home, but don’t let that stop you from making your rental feel like yours!  Here is a list of ten ways to give your rental a customized touch.

One of the first things we notice in apartments that usually needs to be updated is the lighting.  Overhead lighting can actually be pretty simple to change, and makes a world of difference.

Changing the way your walls look will probably make the most dramatic difference.  If you’re not allowed to paint them, consider tacking up wallpaper with pins or applying fabric.  Yes, you read that right, you are able to apply fabric to walls using a lightweight fabric, liquid starch, and a paint roller.  Or, you can even mount fabric up against your wall like it’s a great big curtain, as shown above.

Since we’re on the subject of walls, hanging up artwork or decorating your walls with decals is another great way to make your rental seem more homey.  For ideas on adding artwork to your walls, click here for some great tips!

Using modular furniture in your apartment or rental house is another great way to play with the space.  Depending on the size and shape of the room, you can move the furniture around to suit your needs, and the same furniture can still work in another set-up if you move.

So many apartments have unfortunate carpeting.  While that’s not something you can easily replace, simply buying a cool rug to cover it can make a huge difference.  You can even layer a few rugs for a boho, mismatched look!

Swapping hardware is a fantastic way to give your rental a more updated, high-end look.  Changing doorknobs and cabinet hardware can make a big difference, whether you go with a sleek, midcentury style, traditional cast-iron look, or feminine, decorative hardware.

It seems that apartments just about always come with those standard issue vinyl Venetian blinds or vertical blinds, neither of which are particularly chic.  If you can, replace them with something a little more design-oriented, such as roman shades or wooden shutter blinds.  If you can’t take them down, we suggest making them less noticeable by putting up some simple drapes in front of them instead.


If your rental is a loft-like space with lack of actual rooms, divide the area with bookcases or screens.  The lower photo above also shows a fun way to put in your own overhead lighting as well!

For more kitchen counter space, buy a high table or small industrial island.  It’s a great way to create more work areas in the kitchen, especially for those who love to cook!

Another simple, easy way to update your rental is by changing out the fixtures.  Buy a new toilet seat if the one that came with your apartment is sub-par, invest in a great showerhead, or make any other fixture fixes that will make your home feel a little more luxe.  With some items, your landlord may even reimburse you or split the cost!

What things do you want to update in your rental?

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Punchy Prints and Pattern Play

Nothing adds pizzazz to an interior like some fun, punchy prints and patterns.  Don’t let bold prints scare you – they can add life and energy to a room, especially if the room is pretty neutral otherwise.  Here are some inspiring photos of fun ways to sneak pattern into your decor, as well as a few of our favorite patterned pieces from the Furniture Connexion.

How do you add pattern into your home decor?

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Desert Home Design

The crazy heat wave we have been experiencing has made us all feel as though we’re in the middle of a desert – not the Pacific Northwest!  However, since we’re always thinking of design, thoughts of the desert lead us to thoughts of the homes there. Whether they have a rustic and warm appeal in the high desert , or a midcentury modern vibe in a desert oasis, desert homes often seem to be among the most stylish with their floor to ceiling windows, architectural details, and beautiful surrounding scenery.  Below are a some inspirational photos of a couple different directions you can go to achieve a stylish desert home, as well as suggested items from the Furniture Connexion to give your home a similar look.

The items below combine to create the perfect combination of rustic charm with a modern sensibility, ideal for a home in the high desert to create a look similar to the ones shown above.

These photos have a fun, retro vibe that makes us yearn for a trip to Palm Springs!

Combine vibrant colors, modern shapes, and bright white upholstery for a fun and youthful desert oasis style!

Do you prefer a more rustic high desert style, or a retro desert oasis vibe for your home?

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Let’s Get Green








Happy Friday everyone!  To celebrate the end of the week and the beginning of August, we put together a lovely little post on adding green to your home.  This beautiful hue can be soft and subtle, deep and jewel-toned, or bright and vibrant.  No matter what shade it is, having some green elements in your home will breathe life into the space and add a welcome note of color.  Here are some inspiring images that show fun ways to incorporate a little green into your home:

















Do you have green elements in your home?

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The Architecture Olympics – Gold Medal Design!

The Olympics are in full swing in London, and the whole world is tuning in.  To celebrate the games, we put together a post with some gold medal-worthy design from the countries with the most medals so far.  Scroll down to see some of our favorite historical and modern buildings from these diverse parts of the world.


The Kenchō-ji temple, shown first, is a Rinzai Zen temple which ranks first among Kamakura’s Five Great Zen Temples  and is the oldest Zen training monastery in Japan.  This temple is in stark architectural contrast to the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, built for the 1964 Summer Olympic Game in Tokyo.


The colorful architecture of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow is unforgettable, but so so is the super-modern Moscow School of Management.


Although Italy has so much incredible architecture, the Colosseum is so famous and historic it had to be mentioned.  The design of the Roman Colosseum is in stark contrast to the fluid, modern design of the MAXXI National Centre of Contemporary Arts in Rome.


France’s Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic monuments in the world, and the tall structure looks very different but just as stunning as the curvaceous and modern Centre Pompidou-Metz.


The Forbidden City, or Imperial Palace, is a must-see in Beijing for its historical significance, while the OCT Design Museum in Shenzhen is a must-visit to experience the surreal yet striking modern design.

South Korea

The royal Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul has a much different sense of design than the Galleria Centercity in Cheonan.

United States

Last but certainly not least, the United States isn’t old enough to have buildings nearly as ancient as the other countries, but the neoclassical U.S. Capitol Building is an important part of our history and famous piece of American architecture, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall is striking with its sinuous steel curves.

What building is your favorite?

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