Famously Frumpy TV Sets

Although there are some set design gems where the furniture and overall decor are stunning, there are also those sets that are a little more familiar and less awe-inspiring.  For every set that takes place in a glamorous New York penthouse or Los Angeles mansion with high-tech gadgets, panoramic views, and extravagant furniture, there is a set that takes place in a modest home or apartment where design isn’t a priority and the character could stand to replace a few pieces.  Scroll down to see some of the sets from shows we’ve known and loved, and the furniture in them that may not be high-end, but will always be remembered.

Who could forget the retro couch from Married with Children (top photo), or Seinfelds bachelor pad teal sofa and chair?

These chairs are now in the Smithsonian, but were originally Edith and Archie’s favorite place to sit and talk in All in the Family.

This plaid sofa in Roseanne’s living room always had the crochet blanket on the back and was a place for the family to gather (or mope, if you’re Darlene).

Although much of Friends took place in Monica’s apartment or at Central Perk, these recliners were Joey and Chandler’s favorite place to eat, sleep, relax, watch TV, socialize… You name it.

Who could forget Martin Crane’s ever-so-ugly striped green recliner?  It was an eyesore in Frasier’s otherwise stylish Seattle condo, but you could tell it was also the most loved piece of furniture there.

Do you have an unattractive piece of furniture you just can’t let go of?

Photo Credits:

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