10 Dining Spaces We Love

We have a hard time limiting ourselves to one particular style when there are so many that we appreciate and enjoy! This is especially true when it comes to dining rooms. Sometimes we like to imagine it as a place where we could host an elegant brunch or afternoon tea, while other times we picture ourselves eating pizza with friends, or having a fun dinner party.  Here are some of our favorite dining spaces, from ultra-elegant to modern and organic to glamorous and glossy.

Which is  your favorite dining room? What would your dream dining room look like?

Check out www.furnitureconnexion.com for some fun dining room ideas!

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Beach House Interiors

One of my favorite things about summer is heading to the beach!  To get us all in the mood for surf, sun, and sand, here are photos of some of my favorite beach houses and tips to bring the same look to your home!

I love a soothing color palette of whites, blues, and grays for the beach.  This sectional from the Furniture Connexion is a great place to relax and cuddle without having to worry about getting the fabric dirty.

A rustic, reclaimed element looks great at the beach, especially when mixed with more traditional pieces.

There is nothing as peaceful and perfect for the beach than a crisp white bed!  Replace your heavier bedding with simple white sheeting and add a couple of decorative blue patterned throw pillows.

Clean lines and a soft beige hue make this sectional perfect for your summer beach house. The matching ottoman is the perfect addition for the ultimate in style and comfort!

A breakfast nook with partial built-in seating is a fun alternative to the typical dining table and chairs. This works well for informal meals and laid-back entertaining at the coast.

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Summertime Entertaining Guide

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to start entertaining!  Whether you are planning to entertain outdoors, indoors, or a combination of both, here is a great little guide to get you and your home party-ready.

If you have a sideboard, this is a great piece to set up a buffet or bar on, and perfect for hiding away items you want protected.  I love our reclaimed sideboard to add an ethnic element to any room!

Having a bunch of people over, but don’t have a ton of places to sit?  Don’t worry that you suddenly need to buy another sofa or chairs!  Floor pillows are a great, inexpensive way to provide additional seating and create a relaxed, boho vibe for your party.

Get creative with floral accents!  Although a regular vases of flowers is always pretty, why not try something different?  The floor vase on top of the table with enormous flowers makes a bold and beautiful statement! Likewise, baby’s breath morphs from boring to breathtaking when turned into a hanging floral ball.

A large table is perfect for parties, whether you need a place for your guests to sit or an area to serve your food.  Adding chalkboard paper to display your culinary creations and drinks adds a fun twist AND protects your table!

To me, lanterns and summer go hand in hand.  Whether you have bright colorful lanterns or a cluster of white ones, they’re a great way to add decoration and light to your fiesta.

Just because you don’t own outdoor furniture doesn’t mean your furniture can’t become that – simply take it outside!  Adding some furniture that would normally be inside to the outdoors creates a festive, lighthearted mood.  While I wouldn’t advise moving your expensive white linen sectional sofa to the back lawn, a lightweight chair (such as the cute one picture above) or settee moved outside could be a great way to add outdoor seating.  Just make sure there’s no rain in the forecast – this is Portland, after all!

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Inspiration From Afar

Right now, Furniture Connexion’s owners, David and Julie, are traveling throughout Asia to find fantastic items to bring back to our stores. I can’t help being little jealous of their trip, but am mainly really excited to see what they come back with (I’m hoping for interesting textiles, reclaimed tables, and Indian inlaid chests)!  Here are a few images of some of the areas they’ll be visiting and interiors inspired from afar!

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Working Color Into Your Casa

As soon as I walk outside, I am greeted with splashes of color – bright orange poppies, vibrant green shrubbery, deep red roses, perfect pink peonies – the list goes on and on.  Seeing so much color in the outdoors makes me long for the same pops of color inside, and luckily, there are many easy ways to do this that don’t involve a bucket of paint.  See below for some tips on incorporating color into your home.

I love having one (or two) bright upholstered items.  However, having bright upholstery means that the rest of the room should be fairly neutral and complement (but not compete with) the colorful pieces you add in, so keep that in mind when you’re redecorating.

Adding some funky, colorful pillows are the easiest way to bring in some color and switch up the look of a room.  Imagine how different the sofa above would look with simple black or white pillows, or even with pretty floral pillows like the one pictured from Wanderloot.com.

Don’t forget your floors!  Adding a rug, whether geometric, floral, Oriental, or traditional, is a great way to mix in color.

Add accessories!  The rooms above look so bright, but it’s only small items that give the room color – pillows, pottery, plants, art, wall decor, boxes, flowers, and lamps.  Mix in bold accessories to add a punch of color to an otherwise neutral room.  I love the idea of this cobalt blue tribal blanket from Wanderloot.com in an otherwise all white room!

One of my favorite ways to add color is with art.  There is nothing more stunning than a bright, all white room with vibrant, colorful artwork on the walls.

Another awesome (and easy) way to add color is to switch the drapery!  This is an especially great idea if you still have heavy, dark curtains hanging from the winter.  Switching them out with something light and bright will completely transform the room in a wonderful way!  Now, how do you plan to add more color into your home?

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A Reclaimed Coffee Table 10 Different Ways

I’m a big fan of our vintage reclaimed coffee table for its simple, straightforward design that blends seamlessly with so many different styles of decorating.  Here are some examples of coffee tables with a look similar to this one and the different ways people worked it into their interior design.

How would this coffee table look in YOUR living room???

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Sophisticated Storage Solutions

When you’re short on space and heavy on stuff, it’s important to have plenty of storage to keep things organized and make the most of the space you do have.  Here are some ideas on how to store your things in a way that is still visually appealing.

A lift-top ottoman with storage space inside is a great way to hide extra blankets, pillows, and bedding and works well in both bedrooms and living rooms.

Just because you’re used to having a nightstand next to your bed doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to that.  If you want more storage for bedroom items, a dresser or sideboard, such as our vintage reclaimed sideboard, works great!

If you you have a bathroom without many (or any) built-in cabinets, an armoire, bookcase, or sideboard is a stylish and unexpected way to store towels and toiletries.

Rather than having a coffee table with only one surface to place items on, a trunk is a clever way to hide items away inside while still having the regular capabilities of a coffee or side table.

A bed can take up a lot of space, so it’s helpful when you can get some storage out of it – as well as comfortable place to sleep!  I love the hidden storage of our Magnussen Nova bed in the last image – you can’t even tell it’s there!

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Sofa Terms You Should Know

When buying a sofa, it’s important to be well-versed in some of the basics about how they’re made so you know exactly what you’re getting.  Here is a quick guide to enlighten you on some of the sofa jargon you’ll need to know.

8-Way Hand Tied Springs: Each spring is hand tied eight ways (front to back, side to side & diagonally). A sign of quality construction, these coils offer the highest level of comfort and durability.

No-Sag Springs: “S” shaped wires that are fastened to the front rail and run from the front to the back of the furniture every few inches apart.

Wood Encased Frame: Insures a quality appearance and prevents fabric from stretching.

Corner Blocked Frame: Frame is blocked and screwed, providing lasting strength.

Webbing: Woven fibers cut in strips and stretched across the furniture frame to support sofa springs.

Foam: Foam cushions. The higher the density of the foam, the better support.

Pocket Coils: Individually wrapped coils maintain their shape and are more resilient and plush than foam cushions.

Down: Made from feathers, down offers maximum comfort. Down may require more maintenance than foam but offers greater durability and resilience, such as with the Key West Sectional, pictured above.

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Lighten up for Summer

Now that it’s June, it is really starting to feel like summer (and we’re ready for it!).  However, if your home looks like it’s still stuck in winter, it’s time to refresh your interior.  Here are some simple suggestions to lighten up for the summer:

Change your drapery.  If you have heavy, dark drapery, try switching it for drapery in a lighter color and fabric, or even adding some sheers.

All white can be very pretty, but it can also be nice to add in some rich neutrals.  This dining table and chairs from our Tahoe Collection would be the perfect addition to your home with the beautiful handcrafted design made out of solid Sheesham/Indian rosewood.

Accessories are a great, easy, and cost-effective way to make your home seem more summery.  Switch out dark pillows and throws for some that seem more appropriate for the season and voilà – your room will have a totally different feel!

Make your bedroom seem lighter by putting on white bedding and laying down a light rug (especially if you have dark floors).

Maybe it’s time to purchase new furniture entirely.  If so, white leather could be a great choice for a modern look and easy maintenance, and it has “summer” written all over it!

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