Sofa Style Guide

Unsure of what it means to have an English or Tuxedo-style sofa?  Then this guide will be perfect for you!  Below is a list of common sofa styles that are usually determined by three things: The arms, the back, and the legs or skirt.  With this simple guide, you’ll quickly become a sofa expert!

Tuxedo Sofa: With this style of sofa, the arms are as high as the back and there are usually clean lines with straight arms.  A nice array of pillows are what will allow this sofa to be comfortable.

Camelback Sofa: This more traditional and formal sofa has a tight (read: no separate cushions or pillows), curved back, tall rolled arms, and usually a tight seat.

English Sofa: This popular sofa has a slightly rounded arm that is set back from the front of the seat.  The seat is often tight (read: attached to the frame), the back is usually slightly rolled back, and there is no skirt.  This sofa stands on low, turned legs with castors.

Lawson Sofa: Always popular, the Lawson sofa has a low back with arms that are lower and often squared and is a great choice for a traditional, family-friendly sofa.

Chesterfield Sofa: This sofa has a tufted back, tall rolled arms, and sometimes a tufted seat.  You’ll often see it upholstered in leather and is a great choice for a library or sophisticated living room.

Rolled Arm Sofa: With rolled arms and simple, straightforward design, this is a classic sofa that will work well with any interior.

Sectional Sofa: This style of sofa is available in many configurations using components such as a loveseat, chaise, and sofa.  They can vary in size to be either very large to fit a big media room, or smaller and more formal that can be suitable for a living room.

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