Inspiring Set Design

These sets are all fun in different ways.  Some are inspiring, some elegant, and some simply feel like home.  See below for some of my favorite sets from different TV shows.

 When Bill became governor of the vampires in True Blood, the first thing he did was upgrade his digs.  Who knew vampires had taste?

Victoria may be the iciest woman in the Hamptons on Revenge, but she sure does know how to hire a fabulous interior designer!  The Grayson mansion looks like it’s the size of a hotel, but still manages to feel like a comfortable yet elegant home.

The Gossip Girl sets are fun because they are all so different but are stylish.  These are the kinds of homes I can’t imagine actually living in, but they sure are fun to look at!

There is nothing extravagant about Jules’s house on Cougar Town, and that’s exactly why I like it.  I can imagine myself wanting a home that looks just like this – comfortable but still fun with a mix of prints, colors, and neutrals.

I like the Modern Family homes for the same reason as I love the Cougar Town home – because although they are all different, they all feel so homey!  You can tell with each house who has the most money (Jay), who has the most chaotic home with three kids (Claire), and who likes a clean look but wants it to still look family-friendly (Cameron and Mitchell).  These are sets that don’t look like sets but rather, like what you might come home to.

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