Sofa Style Guide

Unsure of what it means to have an English or Tuxedo-style sofa?  Then this guide will be perfect for you!  Below is a list of common sofa styles that are usually determined by three things: The arms, the back, and the legs or skirt.  With this simple guide, you’ll quickly become a sofa expert!

Tuxedo Sofa: With this style of sofa, the arms are as high as the back and there are usually clean lines with straight arms.  A nice array of pillows are what will allow this sofa to be comfortable.

Camelback Sofa: This more traditional and formal sofa has a tight (read: no separate cushions or pillows), curved back, tall rolled arms, and usually a tight seat.

English Sofa: This popular sofa has a slightly rounded arm that is set back from the front of the seat.  The seat is often tight (read: attached to the frame), the back is usually slightly rolled back, and there is no skirt.  This sofa stands on low, turned legs with castors.

Lawson Sofa: Always popular, the Lawson sofa has a low back with arms that are lower and often squared and is a great choice for a traditional, family-friendly sofa.

Chesterfield Sofa: This sofa has a tufted back, tall rolled arms, and sometimes a tufted seat.  You’ll often see it upholstered in leather and is a great choice for a library or sophisticated living room.

Rolled Arm Sofa: With rolled arms and simple, straightforward design, this is a classic sofa that will work well with any interior.

Sectional Sofa: This style of sofa is available in many configurations using components such as a loveseat, chaise, and sofa.  They can vary in size to be either very large to fit a big media room, or smaller and more formal that can be suitable for a living room.

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Inspiring Set Design

These sets are all fun in different ways.  Some are inspiring, some elegant, and some simply feel like home.  See below for some of my favorite sets from different TV shows.

 When Bill became governor of the vampires in True Blood, the first thing he did was upgrade his digs.  Who knew vampires had taste?

Victoria may be the iciest woman in the Hamptons on Revenge, but she sure does know how to hire a fabulous interior designer!  The Grayson mansion looks like it’s the size of a hotel, but still manages to feel like a comfortable yet elegant home.

The Gossip Girl sets are fun because they are all so different but are stylish.  These are the kinds of homes I can’t imagine actually living in, but they sure are fun to look at!

There is nothing extravagant about Jules’s house on Cougar Town, and that’s exactly why I like it.  I can imagine myself wanting a home that looks just like this – comfortable but still fun with a mix of prints, colors, and neutrals.

I like the Modern Family homes for the same reason as I love the Cougar Town home – because although they are all different, they all feel so homey!  You can tell with each house who has the most money (Jay), who has the most chaotic home with three kids (Claire), and who likes a clean look but wants it to still look family-friendly (Cameron and Mitchell).  These are sets that don’t look like sets but rather, like what you might come home to.

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Stylish Sectionals

Yes, you read that correctly, stylish sectionals DO exist!  You may think of sectionals as being huge, unattractive, and unrefined, but that no longer has to be the case.  There are many sectionals available to you now that offer but comfort and class, style and sophistication.  Scroll through to see some of my favorite sectional inspiration and some of the sectionals we offer that show a similar look for much less!

Light tufting, clean lines, and an exposed frame create a sectional comfortable enough for movie nights with the family, but also elegant enough for formal entertaining with our Waltz Sectional.

For a simple and timeless look, the Knobill Sectional is your perfect choice.  The throw pillows add a fun, colorful element, but you can also easily switch them out for something more masculine, elegant, or funky to completely change the look with minimal effort.

Chocolate microfiber, scatter back pillows, and classic design create a look that blends well with both modern and traditional interiors that will please both your eyes and your seat!

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Maybe it’s the springtime (and now almost summer!) weather, but it seems that there are flowers blooming everywhere – and not just outside.  Working a floral element into your home is a great way to give it a feminine touch that can range from girly and sweet to modern and sophisticated.  Look below to see some of my favorite images of floral interiors and decor.

Floral wallpaper is a great way to make a big blossoming impact!

The Jackson Floral Graffiti Chair, available at Furniture Connexion, is my personal favorite with its graphic floral print in fun, bold colors.

Such beautiful rugs and fantastic way to dress up a room!

This pillow is lovely with its unique blooming design – if only it had a rose’s scent as well!

For comfort AND style, the Zoe Floral Chair is perfect with it’s double-cushioned back and bold floral print.

This is a great example of showing how you can incorporate floral features without having them too girly.  A rose-printed wallpaper in shades of gray seems understated and sophisticated, especially when paired with such clean lines and simple bedding.

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Exotic Eclecticism

Having a predictable meal where everything tastes the same isn’t as fun as when you get all the different elements of flavor invovled – spicy, sweet, bitter, salty, sour.  The same is true with inteiors!  Sure, it can look nice when everything matches, but does it look interesting?  For a more eclectic look, mix in some exotic elements with the rest of your decor.  Pillows and other textiles are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to get a tribal element into your decor.  These amazing kilim pillows below are available through

A small piece of ethnic furniture can make quite the statement.  The beautiful hand-carved chair below, available through Furniture Connexion, a Moroccan inlaid table or chest, or event a small Moroccan pouf can take your decor go from dull to divine.

Use accessories for a little ethnic inspiration.  Especially when grouped together, something small can make a big impact.

Love the look but not all the vibrant colors?  Moroccan rugs and textiles are your answer with their subtle print and creamy hue.

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